Adventure-ready Features

  • Ultra-Fine Merino

    Merino yarn absorbs up to 30% of it's weight, keeping your feet dry, longer. This wonder fiber also has a low friction coefficient that traditional petroleum based fibers for comfort and less blisters

  • Toe Sleeves

    Let your toes stay aligned, blister-free, healthy in separate, moisture wicking and seamless toe sleeves.

  • Secure

    Secure cuffs and elasticated arch bands ensure a secure fit with no slipping or bunching. They stay up, when others won't.

  • Temperature Regulation

    The breathable mesh upper in our socks means less weight as well as enhanced breathability and temperature regulation

  • Reforestation. Real Impact

    One Tree Planted for every $10 spent.

    Learn more about our no-fluff sustainability program where every purchase makes a real difference.

  • Our Earth-First Loyalty Program

    Every purchase with Creepers socks, you earn Treehugger rewards points, which equate to real trees planted. Sign up now

  • Why partner with Eden?

    It takes a village to raise a forest. An unwavering commitment to the mission to plant trees and save lives - Thats why.

Socks. Reimagined.

Seamless Toe Sleeves to match your natural foot function and reduce friction

A secure cuff and arch band for a secure fit with no slip down or bunching

Lightweight yet strong. Stronger yarn and a more open stich compared to other brands

A perfect blend of natural and synthetic yarn for dry feel, performance and unrivalled softness

Merino wool toe socks for running

Natures Super Fibers

Explore Further and Longer with dry, fresh feet

Your feet stay drier, longer thanks to merino wools outer dry-feel hydrophobic surface and it's inner hydrophilic core that's locks moisture & smell molecules away


Nope. Merino yarn has lower friction than synthetic fibers for hot spot and blister busting brilliance!

merino hiking socks

3 Reasons Runners are Choosing Toe Socks

Choosing the best socks for your running adventures can be tough... yarn type, style, color, length and so much more!

If you're anything like me, you've come to the decision that comfort and performance come become before looks and fashion, right?

That's a main reason why so many runners and hikers and choosing performance toe socks. Learn the Top 3 reasons Toe Socks dominate your standard shapeless sleeves...

3 reasons runners are choosing toe socks

Why Toe Socks?

We've all had those days where our feet just suffer. They get itchy, sweaty and sore between your toes and we thought, how can we fix it? How can we increase breathability, let our toes splay - this could solve so many issues!

From blisters on epic adventures so athletes feet or bunion formation with day to day life. Letting your toes splay and function how they like and adding in more airflow is a game changer and that exactly what toe socks accomplish.

Toe socks are transformational in foot comfort and function. It's one of those things where if you know, you know... and if you haven't tried them, well we can tell you with 100% confidence that you are missing out on game changing socks.

Just check out our reviews on our product page, these are not just another sock, another brand and they aren't just like other toe socks. Our Merino socks are on another level.