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3 reasons runners are choosing toe socks

Choosing the best socks for your running adventures can be tough. The prices can vary hugely and it's often not clear why, while multiple more important choices come into it... yarn type, style, color, length and so much more!

If you're anything like me, you've come to the decision that comfort and performance come become before looks and fashion, right? That's a main reason why so many runners and hikers and choosing performance toe socks.

Who are we?

Creepers Socks are relentlessly designed and Canterbury, New Zealand. Our focus is on creating the BEST socks for any adventure. Socks that are designed for top performance and comfort while utilizing ultra-fine merino wool, natures super fiber in every single sock. The end result is a lightweight, ultra-comfortable socks that keep you dry, comfortable and blister free day in, day out

Let's get straight to it and let you in on why toe socks are hidden away in so many runners' shoes!

1. Keep Your Toes in Their Lanes

Result? No Blisters and Better "feel"

I don't think I need to tell you much about the blaringly obvious fact that toe socks are made to fit your feet like a glove! This just makes sense, and they allow your toes to splay when needed and prevents skin on skin rubbing, optimizing function, ground-feel and reducing redness.

Most standard non-toe socks have 3-5% spandex (elastic) component and this not only stops your toes spreading, but pulls and compresses them together. It's the opposite of what runners need! Stop your toes rubbing and stop blisters and redness.

why runners choose toe socks

2. Breathability and Moisture management

Result: Better foot health with no moist, smelly feet.

Great airflow and moisture wicking and THE keys to not having to deal with funky smelling feel, soggy skin and foot fungus. Toe socks are undeniably healthier for your feet.


Allowing gapping of the tows allows better airflow, while having your toes in their own separate sleeves means more surface area for moisture to be absorbed and wicked away. Irrelevant of the fabric used, there's more surface area. You're winning.

3. A cranking Windlass Mechanism

Result? Optimal Propulsion

You might have heard of your plantar fascia, and if you haven't it's all good, we've got your covered. It's a very strong band of connective tissue that runs from your heel to your big to and when your heel comes up and load transfers to your big toe, the fascia is cranked onto stretch, improving your arch stiffness for toe off. This means there's less energy lost on push off and works best when your big toe can stay aligned straight forward!

If your toe is being pulling inward by standard socks or pushed inwards by a narrow toe box, you're not going to functioning to your best.

Bonus points

Not all socks and toe socks are created equal. Here's key inclusions to search for:

1. Seamless toe potion

2. Qualify yarns

3. Breathability

Here's hoping you learnt something when reading this about function, over fashion! If you want a sock that covers all these points for best comfort and performance, get some Creepers Socks.