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  • Hike the length of the country, without blisters?
  • Run a marathon without hot spots and irritation?
  • A day in the office, without clammy, sweaty toes?
  • Help avoid athletes’ foot or even bunions?
Creepers socks are tried, tested, and proven by runners and hikers who have walked the talk 👇
Based on 195 reviews
Fit: True to size
Creeper socks

Great socks, I love wearing them in my farm work boots, wish XL was available for the males in my household

Fit: Small
Good socks

Nice socks. Comfy and good fabric. The toes are a bit short for me so I don’t wear them as much as others. Currently trying to work out whether I could dye them to hide the words so that I can wear them in public

Fit: True to size

Merino Toe socks, Crew Length Lightweight Hiking & Trail

Fit: True to size
Simply the best socks I've ever worn

The title of this review says it all. I've been searching for good toe socks for ages and found many made my feet so hot. The Creepers socks keep my feet cool, comfortable and blister free.

Fit: True to size

Socks worn on my tramp today and certainly did what they were suppose to do. Easy wear no blisters or overheating of my feet. Didn’t slide down inside my boots.

Fit: True to size
Just what I needed

After destroying my feet with blisters by wearing thinning and old socks I thought I'd actually invest in some good running socks, on recommendation I went with some Creepers and a few weeks in I am a very happy customer. I was sceptical of toe socks but they're incredibly comfortable while running and now I notice when I wear my non-toe socks for work how strange it feels to have your toes squished together. I have weirdly sized toes so I have a bit of extra toe room on my outer toes but they stretch to accommodate my more inner toes, neither causes any issue with comfort. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase!

Fit: True to size
Great for the feet

I was getting a couple of blisters on longer runs between my toes, these socks have made all of the difference - no more blister's

Fit: True to size
Great socks

Tried them on a 4 day tramp and no issues with blisters! That was a first for me!

Fit: True to size
Blister free!

Rocked my creepers to walk the Routeburn and enjoyed it blister-free.

Fit: True to size
No more blisters

First time I’ve completed a multi day tramp with no blisters

Fit: True to size

Love them. I have problem feet due to surgery. These socks keep my toes separated which helps me keep upright. I will be ordering more.

Fit: True to size

We recently purchased some socks for our family of 5. We used them recently on the routeburn and over 3 days of walking not one blister between us. They were super comfy even with the toes.

Fit: True to size
creepers socks are amazing

Great product and price point. The service was amazingly fast.

Fit: True to size
How long will they last?

These sock feel great, but I doubt they will stand the rigor of adventure. Time will tell.

Fit: True to size
Loving our Creepers

I bought three pairs of Creepers in May 2022, two for my daughter and one for me. They arrived very promptly and we loved the packaging (no plastic!) and customer service in the form of follow-up emails. We were immediately impressed by how soft the socks felt and how comfortable they were. She wore them for the Kokoda Challenge, which ended up being a very wet tramp up and down some pretty steep country. Under those conditions, she did get some blisters on her heels, but her toes were absolutely fine. She found the socks very comfortable, even when soaked through, they held up to the hike really well and washed clean beautifully. Both of us wear our Creepers for our daily walks and whenever we do any work around the property... any time we can, really! Even after a full, hot day in them, they do not smell and our feet are comfortable. I’ve recently bought another three pairs and will be coming back for more; my feet love them.

Fit: True to size

Did a 4 hour hike in my Creepers (1st time) and they were truly amazing. I usually wear normal merino socks but have to use hikers wool between my toes to stop blisters and rubbing. With my toe socks I didn't get one blister and no sweaty feet. Also because they are a bit thinner, my feet did not feel tight in my boots after a long period when they normally swell a little. Would highly recommend.

Fit: True to size

Merino Toe socks, Crew Length Lightweight Hiking & Trail

Fit: True to size
Say adios to blisters

I’ve now invested in another 4 pairs of creepers toe socks to ensure I’ve always got clean socks for my trail running training. To be fair though they don’t stink after a long sweaty wet and muddy trail run anyway. The wool looks after that, dry them out and they pass the pong test. Since wearing Creepers socks I’ve never had a blister in the hundreds of rugged trail kilometres I’ve worn them for. Service is awesome and the product too. Best thing is that they are Kiwi owned and made from our merino wool. Never going back to my old alternatives.

Fit: True to size

Great socks, so very comfy, much better than other toe socks!

Fit: True to size

My feet love love love the socks, particularly my toes. Very comfortable. Hard wearing. I fully recommend. My only regret is I didn't know about these before.

Fit: True to size

Total quality. Really pleased.

Fit: True to size
Happy, happy.

We’ll be buying more of this wonderful, comfortable and well-made product.

Fit: True to size
Creepers are crazy good

Why did these not exist years ago?! I never ever go out tramping without them on. Blisters are a bygone problem now. Bought my first pair on a whim and immediately bought my second pair I was so impressed with the comfort under pressure.

Fit: True to size
Best socks ever

Love these socks. Not a single blister, hot spot or swampy looking feet even after an ultra involving lots of creek crossings and mud.

Fit: True to size
Best socks yet

I bought these socks recently for a trip to Antarctica. I suffer from reynards and once my toes get cold it’s miserable. I have nothing but praise for my socks - not once did I suffer through an episode of reynards in my toes- even in a sudden blizzard on one of our landings!! I only wish you made the gloves to match!!! I will be wearing these for my next half marathon over the central plateau and am looking forward to a blister free, Reynard free race.
Thank you creepers - I will continue to buy these high quality socks again