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  • Hike the length of the country, without blisters?
  • Run a marathon without hot spots and irritation?
  • A day in the office, without clammy, sweaty toes?
  • Help avoid athletes’ foot or even bunions?
Creepers socks are tried, tested, and proven by runners and hikers who have walked the talk 👇
Based on 1423 reviews

I hiked Mission Peak - California in these. Extremely comfortable no blisters no issues at all I will be buying these from now on.

Fit: True to size
Great toe socks!

I'm a big fan of toe socks for hiking, it really helps prevent blisters. I'm loving my Creepers, and I'm also using them daily to allow my feet to work like feet!

Fit: True to size
Superb Socks

Since wearing my Creepers, I haven’t had a blister anywhere on my feet or heels. These socks feel very soft and comfortable on your feet. They relax around your foot shape and eliminates all skin to skin rubbing between toes and shoes. I recently walked 35 km for a charity and not one blister formed. I’ve since recommended Creepers to my family and friends and they are equally impressed. Such a comfortable sock.

Fit: True to size
Yep, these are the ones …

Great fit, odor resistance, blister avoidance, lightweight feel, comfort and balance between merino and durable non-merino materials. Thanks Creepers!

Fit: True to size
35km ,no worries

I wore my new Creepers on The Bloody Long Walk ,35km 2 weeks ago.I was aware that the risk of getting blisters over this distance was a real possibility , so invested in a pair of Creepers!
Wow,so comfortable and did not move all day.
Feet never got hot and my feet felt fine .

Fit: True to size
Highly recommend

I've worn a few toe sock brands and CREEPERS are my hands down... toes up FAVOURITEs.

Trekked the Inca trail in these socks, they were perfect & best of all - NO BLISTERS!!!!!

Fit: True to size

No rubbing, no blisters, good separation of toes

The most comfy and colourful merino toe socks on the market. I’ve tried Injinji and I’ve tried ToeSox. These win out of the box. However, they do require greater care than the other brands. I feel the Injinji stand up better with regular washing whereas these need the wool wash cycle and proper post wash care to last as long as the Injinji.

Fit: True to size

I have ridiculous feet and getting socks right is a challenge. Creepers are great, a snug fit so no rubbing and at last, I've got happy feet.

Fit: True to size

I like them a lot. They are very comfortable. It would be good to have a little more cush under ball of feet. Love the toes fit.

Has helped tremendously with my husband’s athletes foot

Fit: True to size
Merino creepers

Love them!

Fit: True to size
Can’t get enough of your love

These toe lovers are thin enough not to feel bulky or uncomfortable between your toes and soft enough to warm and nurture the natural spread of my foot and perfect for pairing with more natural, wide toe box shoes. I bought 5 pairs to wear to work every day and one day I will build my collection so I have the long version and the cut away version and I will have enough to wear every day of the week

Fit: True to size
Great product

These are great to wear, I use mine with work boot. Only thing is that they could be a bit longer in length. And more colours to choose from.

Fit: True to size

I just love these socks. I am walking up to 20kms a day to get fit for The Bloody Long Walk (35kms) and these socks are a game changer. No blisters after breaking in new boots and just so comfortable. Will buy again because I really, really want to do the Milford Track and these socks would be the first thing I pack lol.

Fit: True to size

Did my first 30km hike and was a little worried about blisters. Wore these and forgot I was even wearing socks. Incredibly comfortable and amazing breathability. Would absolutely recommend!

Fit: True to size
Always looking for these socks

I was a little skeptical of toe socks in general until I actually tried them for myself. Now I find myself picking these socks first and always trying to make sure they are clean! Honestly they have ruined other hiking socks for me -- my toes want room to spread!

I don't love the color black and I'm not sure of the durability as I haven't had these very long.

Fit: True to size
Legends of the Sock Game?

Quality socks! Great communication, wonderful service!

Fit: True to size
Merino Toe Socks

Most comfortable socks ever, no matter how many KMs.

Fit: True to size
Creeping around comfortably.

I simply amble around in my creepers. I am a birder, so may be out for most of the day taking photos; so comfy, warm feet are important. I love my new socks: the colour, fit, texture, warmth and the feeling of luxury. Yet, easy to wash and dry. A pleasure to wear. Thank you!

Fit: True to size
Creepers quarter

I find they are wearing at the heels mu h more quickly than my Merino socks from Wilderness Wear and are definitely not as warm

Fit: True to size

Great socks. They have stopped my toes rubbing together on long walks and hikes. They dry quickly overnight, which is great on a hike.

Great socks.