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  • Hike the length of the country, without blisters?
  • Run a marathon without hot spots and irritation?
  • A day in the office, without clammy, sweaty toes?
  • Help avoid athletes’ foot or even bunions?
Creepers socks are tried, tested, and proven by runners and hikers who have walked the talk 👇
Based on 558 reviews
Fit: True to size
So far so good

Only worn them a couple of times. Yea. I like them

Fit: True to size
Best socks ever!

I love these socks. Just wore them several times on quite long bushwalks & they are great. Very comfortable, no blisters or rubbing & at the end of the day there is no foot odour either. Hard to describe how much better they are than ordinary socks, but they are. Like the support around the arch too. Definitely will be buying more.

Fit: True to size
Keeping toes happy

I love these socks and use them for both work and exercise. I now have about 6 pairs! Because of the merino in them, they are good for travelling as can often be worn more than once. Great socks.

Fit: True to size
Love my new pink socks

I'm fully embracing toe socks and love running in them. Particularly love they are NZ made too. The only thing for me is that I have short toes, so sometimes find the 2 end toes a bit longer than I need but doesn't seem to affect the "rub".

Fit: True to size
Magic Socks 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Brilliant Socks helping my feet so much 🙏🏼

Fit: True to size
The best

Love these, the quality fabric, softness, the fit, comfort. Great value natural materials. These will be my only sock from now

Fit: True to size
Toasty toe socks

Got my for numerous reasons. The main reason is I was suffering from chilblains and as an F45 Owner/coach I was on my feet a lot daily and on cold mornings. The Merino wool kept my feet warm but were able to breath. With the soreness of the chilblains there was zero skin on skin contact which was a relief in itself. Finally the light compression meant they didn’t move around in my shoes.
Overall very pleased with my socks will be buying more and have also recommended therm to my members at F45 Tamaki.

Fit: True to size
Great socks

I like the feel of the material. Good in heat and cool temperatures. I bought a pink and a black pair of the tall socks and would two colors of the low ones.

I am a marathoner and have worn them for five hour runs for several months. They are holding up well.

Fit: True to size
Pink creepers

I bought my first pairs of creepers about 7 months ago and absolutely love them. I grabbed two pairs of the pink creepers when they were released. The colour is great! I can't wait to see what other colours are released. Creepers are hands down the best socks I've ever owned. Perfect for all day on my feet in a very physical job and perfect for long hikes or hanging out at home too.
I also love the black ones as I need them for work :)

Fit: True to size
Love my toe socks

I've only been wearing toe socks for a few months and I have to say that creepers are SO comfortable that I'm totally hooked. I can't wait for the next edition of the coloured ones, the pink ones are brilliant!

Fit: True to size
Protects toe skin

Sometimes I forget to trim my nails before a run.these socks will stop a nail from cutting into an adjoining toe's skin.

Fit: True to size
The socks my feet have been waiting for all my life - my feet have NEVER been happier!

These are just so comfortable and just make so much sense, unfortunately it took the beginning of a bunion to even question socks & shoe fit & look for alternatives to the norm. So wish I had these when I was a competing in Ironman competitions! However, I am still on my feet all day and these socks are just so comfortable. I find them super easy to put on (thght they might be a little fiddly but proved not to be the case) and super happy I found & purchased them. Thanks so much.

Fit: True to size

They work. Quality seems very good so far. A bit small (true to size, I wear an EU 50) for my feet but they fit so that’s all I can ask, I guess.

Fit: True to size
Great Socks

Wore the socks on 80 miles of high sierra trail. No blisters, no problems, will definitely buy more

Awesome socks combined with awesome customer service

Love, love, love these comfy socks. Followed the guidance online and am keeping my toenails trimmed so as not to poke holes in the wool and line drying after washing vs. using a dryer. They haven’t shrunk and fit the same as they did the first wearing. The quality workmanship and merino wool are top notch. You won’t have itchy feet from poor quality wool, Creepers sells the best at very fair prices. Also, I had trouble getting a discount code to work, but Shaun went out of his way to ensure I received my discount. He cares about customer service and it shows! I’m sold on these socks and this company, I’ll be coming back for more!!

Fit: True to size
I never knew socks could make sure a difference

I’m newish to barefoot shoes and the benefits of toe socks, at 60 years old. Wish I’d discovered sooner how to treat my feet. I never before wore wool socks in over 100 degree F weather walking all day; with these my feet were cool and comfortable. Who knew? My ONLY complaint is that they say “Creepers” on the edge visible above my shoe. I have business meetings, etc and am trying to incorporate my healthy foot choices in all my clothing. I wear mostly skirts, so the socks show and it is weird to proclaim “creeper” when meeting with colleagues or clients. Maybe an option without the name around the leg? Even with my grandkids, ages 7 and 8, it feels weird to label myself as a "creeper" (in the US a creeper is, well, creepy). Regular socks with toe spacers work, but I would rather wear these exclusively. Let’s make healthy footwear for all aspects of life not just outdoors and casual pursuits. :-)

Fit: True to size
Walk saver

I recently purchased two pairs of Creepers socks and will not consider taking my daily walks without them! Instead of the usual individual protective toe covers or bandaids!.....I now walk comfortably without concern for blisters or other toe issues. Glad I have two pair so I am never without a clean pair!

Fit: True to size
Injinji, look out!

Not only are these great socks, they are a great company. For the same price as the competition you get even softer socks and a tree planted! COOL!

Fit: True to size
Best socks ever

Brought these socks for walking, after getting blisters between my toes. Problem solved straight away they are so comfy I spend all day in them. Just purchased some more so I have 6 packs 😁

Repeat customer

These socks were just what I was looking for — merino, not too thick, and TOES! Perfect for my barefoot shoes. I did a test purchase of a couple pairs and it didn’t take long for me to order more. I have both heights and in black and pink.

Fit: True to size

Really good quality - hold their shape after washing. Very comfortable to wear

Fit: True to size
Love my creepers

Creepers are keepers! I love them. Just did my first hike in them, was a hot day and my feet didn't overheat for a change. The fit is snug, except for my teeny tiny little toe, but that didn't create any discomfort in my boots.

Fit: True to size
I love them

I wear creepers toe socks every single day because they are the best. I am a professional gardener and these socks are the only ones that let my feet breathe. They are also quick and easy to put on because the material slips onto your toes easily. Warm in winter, cool in summer. Amazing quality and hard wearing. It is worth paying out for these top quality socks. No more sweaty feet! Thankyou Creepers.

Fit: True to size
Keeping Toes Warm Since...

They have worn well & keep the feet warm. I did expect them to be fully made from wool, however I didn't research beforehand & cannot argue with their quality. Take heed of washing instructions as they can shrink slightly around the toes, so would recommend going a size up if you are a frequent washer.

Fit: True to size
No more corns between toes

Feel comfortable and good to wear.
No other socks compare to Creeper.
Great results for my toes,will keep buying.
No more rubbing on my toes,no more corns .
Less visits to podiatrist.