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Blisters, hot spots and cramped toes?

The best solution is nearly here.

Remove all skin-on-skin contact and wrap yoru foot in a low-friction , temperatue regulating second skin.

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Feel the Benefits

Reduce the Rub

Toe socks stop skin-on-skin contact with low friction merino toe sleeves that allow natural toe splaying and stop blisters, redness and hot spots.


Let your feet breathe in second skin. Socks that stay in place, stay up and work perfectly with your feet, without restriction.

Hot and Moist?

Creepers create the ideal environment that ensures a dry-feel and just the right temperature thatnks to merino yarn and high quality, breathable stitching.

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*we still post worldwide from our base, here in New Zealand

Ultra-fine Merino Wool

Not too hot, not too cold.

Light and Breathable.

Soft and Strong.

Dry Feel.

Synthetic and labratory developed fibers aren't the answer. Nature has put Merino Wool through the ultimate test and it's come out trumps.

Seamless Toe Sleeves

The old standard

A comressive sleeve around your foot and toes increases skin on skin contact, reduces breathability and increases moisture.

The new standard

Optimises toe splay and movement, maintaining full ground contact and grip. A foot-first approach for full function, feel and health.

No blisters, moisture, irritation or drawn-together toes. Free your feet today.

Key Feetures

Creepers merino blend toe socks, quarter crew size for men or women
  • Ultra-Fine Merino

    Compared to syntheric fibers, Merino yarn keeps your feet dry, longer, has super-low friction for less blisters, dries out faster and absorbs smell.

  • Toe Sleeves

    Let your toes stay aligned, blister-free, healthy in separate, moisture wicking and seamless toe sleeves.

  • Secure

    Secure ankle cuffs, made for the life. A wide band that sits above the ankle bones, leaves no gaps for debris and means that stay up, when others won't.

  • Temperature Regulation

    Merino wool's ability to maintain dry-feel and regulate temp and moisture combines with a breathable mesh upper for the perfect foot environment.

  • Natural Foot Width

    Let your toes splay and embrace their full width for great feel, function and comfort.

    Pair toe socks with wide toe box shoes and you've got a recipe for bloody fantastic feeling feet with less blisters, clammy toes and squaished feet.

  • Crew length that go the distance

    Ligthweight merino socks - like a secodn skin that you don't know is there. They're secure, breathable and regulate temperature and moisture so that you have one less thing to worry about on yoru next mission.

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