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Creepers toe socks vs injinji socks comparison
  • No Blisters

    We've combined two key feature to stop blisters and hot spots in their tracks.

    Seamless toe sleeves remove skin-on skin chafe while the low-friction merino yarn creates a smooth, dry ride.

    They're THE foot-first socks for anyone who cares about their feet.

    Do toe socks prevent blisters? Running or hiking
  • Socks + Reforestation

    Good for your feet and good for the earth. We've partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree for every $10 spent. That's at least 2 trees for every single pair of socks.

Ultra-fine Merino Wool

With a friction co-efficient lower than coolmax and other synthetics, Merino wool stops hot sports and blisters in their tracks.

Combined with it's natural temp and mositure regulating abilities and your looking at all day foot comfort.

merino hiking socks

Seamless Toe Sleeves

Find out why Toe socks are the most popular socks in the Western States Endurance Run.

Avoid toe-chafe with no skin on skin friction with each toe wrapped in it's own moisture-wicking, breathable sleeve.

Try them on your next run, hike or big day in the office and discover socks redefined.

socks to prevent blisters on toes running hike

Key Feetures

  • Ultra-Fine Merino

    Compared to syntheric fibers, Merino yarn keeps your feet dry, longer, has super-low friction for less blisters, dries out faster and absorbs smell.

  • Toe Sleeves

    Let your toes stay aligned, blister-free, healthy in separate, moisture wicking and seamless toe sleeves.

  • Secure

    Secure ankle cuffs, made for the life. A wide band that sits above the ankle bones, leaves no gaps for debris and means that stay up, when others won't.

  • Temperature Regulation

    Merino wool's ability to maintain dry-feel and regulate temp and moisture combines with a breathable mesh upper for the perfect foot environment.